About Me

I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of scientists and astronomers. I was inspired by teachers, communicators and scientists as a child, and I hope to pass on my enthusiasm and passion for science to everybody.

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I have been working as a professional science communicator since 2016, after completing my PhD is Astrophysics in Cardiff, Wales. From 2016-18 I worked for both Science Made Simple and the Faulkes Telescope Project, as part of an STFC Large Award, developing educational resources and delivering school workshops.

My expertise in resource development is in technology, including app development. I have developed over 10 educational apps, including several virtual and augmented reality apps. These cutting edge and exciting technologies provide a new way to engage with children and the public, as well as offering a powerful way to visualise astronomy and science in general.

In 2015 I was the inaugural winner of the Elsevier Researchers Choice Communication Award. I have also been a finalist in the Institute of Physics 3 Minute Wonder competition and a regional finalist for the Famelab competition.