Public Events & Talks

The Science Of Star Wars – March 2017

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 13.42.55 14.03.18 mh Star Wars CU Festival 49 14.03.18 mh Star Wars CU Festival 47

In March 2017, I gave a talk to Cardiff University students and staff, as part of the Student Innovation Festival. The talk, aimed at students and staff from all academic disciplines, gave a lighthearted but accurate analysis of several elements of the Star Wars films. Can Han Solo travel faster than the speed of light? What is a parsec? Could we build a lightsaber?

IOP 3 Minute Wonder Final – May 2014

Presenting at the IoP 3 Minute wonder (Top Right)

In May 2015 I gave a talk as a finalist of the 2014 Institute of Physics 3 Minute Wonder competition, having won the South West and Wales regional final. My talk explained the concept of the finite speed of light to an audience of over 100 members of the public. Although I didn’t win the competition, the feedback and I received form the judging panel was overwhelmingly positive and has helped improve my presenting skills.

Famelab Regional Finalist – 2014

In 2014 I was a regional finalist int he Famelab competition. I gave a short public talk on the science behind black holes to an audience in a local pub.